Search Your Next Job Online and Offline

Search Your Next Job Online and OfflineIf you are looking for a job or considering a change of career, you need to find more than one way of finding job in today’s technology driven world that is going through an economic downtrend. You certainly need to maximize your chances of getting job by knowing more about the ways that present day jobseekers are employing for finding jobs. Simply put, you can no more depend upon just continuing with the ‘situation vacant’ ads.

Online Job Search Websites

If you go online, you’ll find a large variety of websites, all designed to help you find job listings. Many of those sites allow you to post your resume free of charge, but there are others which charge you for uploading your resume. The kind of site you may use for getting a job will most likely be decided by the field you are working in, and the level at which you want to work now.

How Are People Looking for Jobs?

It is estimated that, these days, ten percent of people find their next job through the Internet. The

Getting Employed After College

Getting Employed After CollegeEvery year, thousands of young people, having finished their graduation start looking for jobs. Generally, they are not really aware of the prevailing unhealthy state of ongoing economy, and the resultant tough competition they will be required to face. The current year has an unemployment rate at almost ten percent and that is expected to go up still higher.

Going by the estimates of the Bureau of Labor Statistics, these days there are five applicants for just one job opening. A survey conducted by CareerBuilder estimates that only 44 percent of the employers may have jobs for fresh graduates from college. All such statistical figures are really disheartening for jobseekers.

Many of those coming out of colleges are graduates and post graduates too. Because they sought additional loans from banks to support their education, they are certainly under pressure to pay back those loans, and they are quite frantic to get jobs. Because of the scarcity of jobs, these graduates might remain under debt for long. It’s no wonder that many college students, when finding the job market so tough, have no option but to

Tips on How to Be More Productive at Work

Tips on How to Be More Productive at WorkWhen firms go to a finance industry recruiter to find a financial advisor for their firm, there are two categories of skills that they look for. First, they seek out the tangibles– an appropriate education and level of licensing, and an expected level of experience for the given position. There is also a second level of skills, the intangibles, that can go a long way for an employee to get chosen. Often, those who are promoted ahead of the usual advancement skills are high in the intangibles. These can include positive demeanor and/or emotional intelligence, ability to work with difficult people, work ethic, willingness to listen to others both above and below them, and productivity. Though some of these skills are difficult to teach, others, like productivity, can be improved by making some good, conscious choices. If you are someone who is looking to boost productivity, and your future career prospects, give these techniques a try:

Learn Your Baseline

In order to discover whether you are improving your skills, first you need to know your current productivity rates. If all

Why My Business Model Is Focused on Employee Compensation

As a graduate with a four-year Bachelor of Science Degree in Interior Design, my number one goal when graduating was to become a salaried designer. I knew that if I wanted to be fairly compensated for my work, I needed to know my self-worth without being entitled, and should be confident enough to negotiate my first paycheck. I was tired of working for a measly hourly wage (so I thought!) and I could not wait to enter adulthood with a consistent and steady income. I was in for a rude awakening.

With any type of legal matters, especially for an employer, there are ways to cut corners for fair compensation. It seemed that where hourly work could be cut to be held just under “full-time,” the opposite was true for salaried work. I was working my second full-time salaried position as a designer when I realized I was expected to get to work an hour early, and stay at least an hour past 5:00, the leaving time. This however was still not even the hours I was expected to work, as I would log 55-65 hour weeks, while compensation was a salary, based on 40 hours a

What Kind of Jobs Can I Get When Studying Abroad

Part time jobs will go a long way toward supplementing your income when you are studying abroad. The money you get can help to cover your cost of living, or pay for your leisure activities or travel holidays across the country. Many international students do take up some form of employment while studying abroad, and they have a lot of fun while doing so!

There are many part-time or vacation jobs that you can take up as a student. Before getting started, check your visa restrictions. You may not be permitted to work more than a certain number of hours in a week during your course session time. Whatever the work you choose, it will add to your life experiences and you can make new friends and get a taste of the local culture.

Overseas students often work as waiting and bar staff, baristas, mall aides, aged care workers, data entry or call centre personnel, or as language tutors. If you have any special skills like musical talent or a flair for art, you can teach others for a fee. Animal lovers can take pets for a walk in the park and get paid for doing

The Growth of Cognitive Careers

Economies, and by extension careers, reward those human characteristics most in demand. When muscular strength was most in need during times dominated by agriculture and mechanical ability became required to develop and maintain machinery during the industrial age those capacities were rewarded and revered leading to employment for those possessing such skills. The age we’ve now entered, particularly since the invention of the microprocessor, is one around which cognitive competency or intelligence is highly honored. High paying and stimulating jobs are increasingly going to the smartest among us and there is no end in sight of this trend.

Historically there has always been a need for intelligent people, but the correlation between cognitive ability and compensation was never as strong as it is today. One could have been an astute lawyer, financial planner, or mathematician at the turn of the 20th century, but the economy just didn’t reward those people at the levels that can be done today. We’ve created a much more complex economy requiring well-informed, inventive, and knowledgeable people who can navigate and derive value from what is for many of us a puzzling network of esoteric information in so many areas. The employment appeal

Are Consultancy Jobs the Best Choice for You

If you have been working in a particular industry for many years and you believe that you are an expert, wanting to share your years of knowledge and experience with other companies to help them grow or you have heard about consultancy jobs and have decided that this is what you want to do with the rest of your life, there are certain things you really need to know before you make any final decisions.

Consultancy jobs are not an easy relaxed day at the office. They are demanding and the information and assistance you provide could result in the success or failure of a company. The first thing you need to know is that there are two types of consultants. The first is an industry consultant, they have over ten years industry experience and help make decisions to improve the business moving forward.

The second type of consultant is a career consultant. This is when you have developed skills which are used to do research, analysis and presentation to help companies that you consultant for. The information you provide is then used to help them dominate their market and achieve success.

There are three

An MBA Degree To Fast Track Your Career

As healthy management is the crucial aspect of all the businesses, major companies can never be completed without their management team. Employers see ‘management team’ as one of the crucial assets of their companies. It helps in running business smoothly. Considering the current competition around, they are hiring nothing short of best. They are expecting more from their management resources to tackle the rising competition in a better way.

Companies hire MBA professionals to achieve the same level of management which they expect to cope up the challenges. MBA graduates can find abundant opportunities in sectors across. An MBA degree is a testimony of your expertise in the respective area of specialization in the management sphere. To mark your presence in an organization as a part of the management team, you need to keep yourself updated with the latest skills and advancement in the industry. As a matter of fact, since 2011, India has been competing with the USA to be the largest MBA job market and there is no sign of trend dwindling with growth estimates at 8% for the current year.

Key highlights of a recent research report

According to a recent report,

Human Resources Recruiter Job Overview

In order to gain a competitive advantage and fuel a company’s growth, there is a need for qualified and highly skilled professionals. To recruit such talent pool, HR recruiter plays the most important role in any organization. A Human Resources (HR) Recruiter is a person who is responsible for maintaining all levels of recruitment throughout the company. Furthermore, in order to make a career in this field, one needs to have:

  • At least a bachelor’s degree
  • Master’s degree in Human Resources
  • Knowledge of whole recruitment lifecycle
  • Know how of employment regulations
  • Excellent communication and interpersonal skills
  • Phone and interviewing skills
  • Professional approach
  • Ability to work under various situations
  • Time management skills
  • Project management and judgment skills
  • Strong decision-making skills
  • Ability to keep and manage confidential information

The job of an HR recruiter is to achieve the staffing goals of an organization. Recruitment process usually involves establishing recruiting needs according to the company’s plan, advising managers, building applicant sources, attracting and evaluating candidates. The HR recruiter is solely responsible for the outcomes of the recruitment process within an organization. The recruiter not only handles the recruitment process but also required to take care of the quality of the delivered candidates, timeliness of hiring and costs of the hiring

Virtual Assistants How to Schedule It All

*First, remember that there are two types of virtual assistants:

1) Independent Business Owner: One who works for herself and must obtain clients who want/need her administrative and computer services. In this case the discipline of sticking to your scheduled client needs requires a bit more diligence. After all, you’re the boss of you here. Will you run your business like a business?

2) Employee: One who works from home remotely (via phone and internet) for a company. In this case the company may or may not require you to stick to a particular schedule.

*Second, if you are serious about becoming a work-from-home virtual assistant, regardless of which kind, you must make sure you are able to make a commitment to the demands of your work. Face it, at home there are all the chores and projects and other family tasks just sitting there, waiting for your attention (ie, laundry, school fundraiser, banking, dry cleaning, shopping and housework, etc.). If you’re not careful the lure of “getting things done” can be a distraction from work.

*Third, how much money do you need to make and how many hours can you give to working,

Finding Business Opportunities Within Information Services

Information services are an often-overlooked sphere of the business world, but it can make or break a company and therefore its operation is critical. This is the department or area that is responsible for relaying information on a particular service or product either internally or to the general public. Whether an in-house service or one that reaches the public, it requires careful handling and smooth functioning in order to operate optimally.

Naturally, since it involves the dissemination of specific information, usually through electronic means, it may require the specialized skills of a trained information technology specialist. So while it may be an enigma to most people, this part of a company can provide a business opportunity for IT professionals. It’s certainly an area worth looking into if you are trying to gain a foothold in the computer systems world.

To simplify matters, the cornerstone of any successful business is good communication. From clever advertising to keeping in touch with customers, to making sure that all employees are well versed and on the same page in terms of the company’s products and objectives, it’s all about getting the proper information to the right people This is why

Are Employment Agencies Worth It

Matching job seeking individuals with potential employers is the job of organizations known as employment agencies. These agencies can either be a privately owned or public one. Agencies that are public are typically funded by some government sector, while employment agencies of the private variety are owned by corporations or individuals.


The constitution of employment agencies of the public variety has been known to date back to the mid sixteen hundreds. When a British Parliamentarian proposed the “Office of Addresses and Encounters” that would function to connect employers to potential workers, the proposal rejection led to the creation of his own private company.

The Labor Act establishment in the early nineteen hundreds oversaw the government’s formation of the first ever London agency. In 1909, when the Labour Exchanges Act was enacted, this program spread all over the nation. All developed nations now have public agencies in place that are setup to assist individuals who are seeking employment.

Temporary vs Permanent

Agencies of employment can be permanent as well as temporary. The terminology can be semantic, and can in turn become misleading. Though the agencies may not be temporary themselves, the jobs that

Short Guide to Finding Your Next Summer Job

Looking for a job this summer? Trying to find a job during the summer can seem a daunting task, especially as employers and the higher-ups are taking vacations, sometimes to far-away places like the islands or even Europe. But while there may be more people out of the office, there may still be job positions opening, and managers hiring in the summer months. The competition, too, can be lessened, as other job searchers are on vacations of their own. So do not let the summer heat scare you away from job boards and interviews – get on the job applying today!

Full time jobs

Full time work is available during the summer, especially if you are applying for an office position or manager’s position. Beating the heat – and the other applicants – by applying early is easy when you are diligent about searching job boards and advertisements for job openings. Having an awesome resume that highlights your education, expertise, and past employment is the key to landing that management position, as is having reliable references at hand. Be sure to impress the hiring managers by dressing in business formal, and remaining professional throughout the interview.

Networking Strategies To Help With Your Job Search

Networking in all areas of your target industry can be a great idea. There are strategies you can use to build a solid network and establish good professional relationships. Find out more about the field you are interested in. Attend conferences, read blogs, and do everything in your power to become more knowledgeable. Networking allows you to absorb information from multiple sources and with a variety of perspectives.

Networking with friends is a great way to find a job. Ask them if they are aware of any place that is hiring, and see if they would introduce you to them. Recommendations are one of the best ways for you to land a job.

Treat the world as your classroom. You might need more skill in order to get a job. It is important for you to take the opportunity to learn as much as you can so you can get a better job. The Internet has several options for virtually anyone.

Go back to school to improve your education. Job hunting often requires you to add to your skills. You should always embrace learning opportunities as a way to land better jobs. Look online to

What to Look for When Selecting Employment Agencies

General Employment Agencies

For unemployed individuals who are searching for just about any job, there are many companies who help clients find and apply for a range of jobs in multiple industries. A business like this is easy to spot, as they generally will not indicate any specialties in their company name. These general agencies may offer a range of services from resume and interview help to job counseling and training. Do some research before signing up with any of them to make sure they can provide the services you are looking for.

Employment Agencies that Specialize

This type of service is perfect for the employment seeker who knows the position he or she wants and has appropriate experience to fill that role. In this case, the agency will typically be able to provide specialized job-seeking advice that is relevant to the industry. They will help with any exams or assessments needed to make their clients competitive in the job market and ensure that clients keep their skills and talents up-to-date.

Services Common to All Types of Employment Firms

All employment firms will have some method of interviewing, assessing, and screening individuals for

Over Experience

Without giving my actual age away, I can say that I have over two decades of experience managing people, processes and procedures. Most of this experience has come in the operations arena and I have transitioned from transportation to food processing to asphalt production and lastly to asphalt storage, while there are a number of similarities there are also a number of differences that I had to learn and in each case I am proud to say that I was able to make these transitions almost seamlessly.

However this article is not meant to tell you how great I am, I am sure that my past employers would all concur that I have always gotten the job done and that I have never been given a task that I could not complete. Managing people to me seems to come naturally and I believe that is because I have always stood by three principles; 1) manage people how I want to be managed, 2) all employees are uniquely different and therefore have a unique personality and motivating factor, it is up to us as the manager to find this motivation, and lastly 3) employees are the back bone

Struggle of Women In Tech Marketing Jobs

The reasons of this decline can be discovered in the untold stories of inequality and discrimination, women face in their everyday professional life in tech world, be it for the promotion list or appreciation for their hard work. Although, the society applaud women for scaling heights in every sphere of work and their substantial contribution to the world economy, still millions of success stories, though scripted by women, were grabbed by the “boys club of silicon valley”. Of all such cases, only a few are raised. One such case is of Whitney Wolfe, who has worked hard to promote a mobile dating app (called Tinder) with different marketing strategies and executed them herself. But at the time of recognition, when Tinder’s profile was written, there was no mention of her hard work.

The Hurdles Tech Marketing Women Face

Gender Pay Gap

The study conducted by Glassdoor on 25 leading tech companies shows a remarkable gender pay gap. In most of these companies, men are reported to get a higher salary package in comparison to the female employees (with similar skills and experience) working in the same capacity. The difference in median annual base pay of

Tips For A Great Cover Letter

When you’re searching for a new job, just having a great resume isn’t going to cut it. That’s because no matter how much training and experience you have, it doesn’t matter if the hiring manager doesn’t even read your resume. Today’s hiring professionals often sort through hundreds of applications in a day, making it tough to fully investigate each and every one. In many cases, resumes are eliminated from contention if their cover letters don’t stand out enough.

Know Who You’re Addressing
One of the worst things that you can do when sending out resumes is giving the impression that you’re blindly blasting them out to as many companies as you can. Regrettably, this is exactly what many hiring managers think when they get a cover letter addressed “Dear Sir or Madam” or something to that extent. Take the time to find out the name of the person you’re sending your resume to or don’t address it to anyone in the first place.

Avoid Being Overly Formal
While you should be professional with your letter, it also needs to read smoothly. Competing with other job applicants doesn’t involve seeing who can use the most big words.

All You Need to Know Before You Apply for Data Entry Jobs

What is data entry?
Data entry is the activity to create, maintain and curate large set of data into accessible information, which can be further used by a business to make decisions, make projections for the coming months or to keep a record of clients or customers.

What tasks are assigned to an operator?
This data can be in the form of handwritten documents, digital text documents, numbers on a worksheet etc. As a data entry operator, you need to manage data, in an organized format, so they can be accessed easily and accurately, whenever the need be.

This job may sound technical, at first, however, with no prior experience and the ability to use word processing software, can help you score your first job as a beginner. Later, once you have developed an overall understanding of this job domain, you can perform large volume of data processing, which would certainly give a boost to your earning potential.

How much time do they demand?
These jobs are mostly for, part-timers and hence, initially the investment of time on a daily basis would be 3 to 4 hours. The tasks that you would perform would

Mistakes to Avoid in a Job Application

You have finally done it. You have found your dream job and you cannot wait to apply for it. You know that you will be absolutely perfect for it; you have all the right experience and qualifications and you have spent all day putting together a job application along with cover letter deserving of a literary award. You are just seconds away from sending the application. Don’t! Take a moment to go over the job application once again to ensure you have avoided the common mistakes that thousands of candidates make in their application. Their resume ends up in the no pile and their dream job remains exactly that; a dream.

Some mistakes you should avoid in your job application are mentioned here:

• Spelling and grammatical errors

Although these type of errors may seem small in nature, they can be a major red flag for most employers. They convey to the recruiters or hiring managers that you don’t pay attention to detail and will give the impression that you rushed through your application rather than working on it. Don’t be in a hurry when you are filling out your application and have someone go